two items / one photo

Mr. Wang is the professor of the Chinese class I am TAing for. The day I joined the department as his teaching assistant, he asked me if I felt comfortable with office technology. “Yes. I enjoy walking through technologies for my friends, and most importantly, I enjoy figuring out things that I don’t know the answer to.

Two weeks ago, he asked me about choosing a portable charger.

“Why is there a price difference between these two products?”

“I think it depends on their power storage. And weight. Do you want to check out the weight? It might be heavy if it lasts long. It’s hard to take it everywhere if it’s heavy.”

However, because the portable charger ($28) did not reach the criteria for FREE SHIPPING (min. $35), he did not go make the purchase.

This afternoon, while I was grading homework in the department office, Mr. Wang asked me to make sure that he did the “right thing” to make an order. (The whole process took 40 minutes.)

“I am going to buy a battery (BL-5C) for the recorder in the classroom.” He showed me this screen.

“Why are there so many price differences? And what”

“Oh I have never made a purchase on Jet, but I heard good things about their discount.”

“I should use Amazon, I think. Since with the portable charger from last time, it is over $35, which qualifies for Free Shipping.”

“Right. I didn’t know that you had not put an order for the charger. It should work this time then.”

“The battery and portable charger are not from the same seller. Do I still qualify for free shipping?”

“I am actually...not sure. How about we add both items into the shopping cart and see what would happen?”


“What do I do now? Do I get free shipping?”

“Yes, the green words show that we have FREE shipping! We could click the yellow button, “proceed to checkout!”

After 30 minutes of creating account, filling out mailing & billing information, the order was put! Then Mr. Wang asked me a question that I couldn’t answer but had to take my phone to snap a picture and write about it --


“If I bought two items, why do I only see the photo of one item here? Did I do something wrong?”