"OFF By Default"

Every time I hear people clicking on a Mac, I would gently approach and ask: "I suppose that you prefer clicking over tapping?"

If they say "yeah I just don't like tapping," I'd drop it and say thanks.

However, if they respond: "what tapping?" -- I'd be thrilled to introduce how to set up the "tap to click" for them. Maybe it's just me (who prefers tapping over clicking just a little too much) -- but after one time I learned how a user didn't realize that this thing existed for years using a Mac, I decided to advocate for this function whenever possible. 

Every time I go visit an apple store and play around with the Macs, I feel lost without being able to click on tap. So it has been a reflex for me to go to settings, click on "tap to click" (and +++++++ the Tracking speed to its maximum." 

But why? Why is the default OFF for "tap to click?" Earlier today I asked someone working at an Apple Store after having him helped me on lots of questions about the new Mac. He said that he thought some people might just be confused by the tapping. 

For future discussions, some key terms that popped out of my mind: 

  • Control
  • Choice
  • Preference
  • Awareness
  • Habit

What do you think?