How to submit a rating

During the second year of my time in New York, a new carpooling service came out, "Via." Carpooling at a low rate within the New York City Manhattan area (now expanded to some more areas), at fixed rates between $4 to $7, despite the distance you travel as a long as it's within Manhattan. 


Lately, I have been having troubles submitting a rating (and comment). Similar to Uber, when I open the app, it would prompt me to rate for the previous ride experience. 

The problem is, as soon as I click on the star on the far right (to give it a five-star rating), my keyboard pops up and lays over the SUBMIT button. I tried to click the white space to write a comment an see if the submit button would show, but it didn't work. 

I then wrote a message to the via team and hope they could work on it soon.