Mini Projects

Welcome to my mini project page! Here you can find some of my design practices and research interests. I look forward to your feedback!


Creating Stop-Motion Movies

For me, to make a stop-motion movie is a process of planning for a big end while maintaining constant belief in the power of the tiniest bits. Just like any other disciplines, huh?


Challenges in Designing the Emoji Keyboard

One might be confused why one emoji ends up on the emoji keyboard while another might not. Have you noticed how far Emoji keyboard has come regarding their challenging the stereotypes in gender, race, and more?


My First Attempt at the Interaction Design Process

Before I took the Interaction Design course series on Coursera, I never imagined I would come this far, becoming more and more passionate about UX research. Interested in reading my first project, following the design process step by step? 


Career Placement Data Analyses

Oct 2015 - Sep 2016, I worked as a career development intern at the Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR) Department at Columbia University School of Engineering. To help applicants and prospective students see career placement opportunities, I mapped out data and graphics based on 300+ responses from alumni from


Bestbuy Experience

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Talent Acquisition | Rejection Letters

As a Candidate Experience Intern at Mount Sinai Health System, I worked on a project where I could look into the company's rejection letters to candidates and improve them. 


2nd & 3rd Graders Learning Robotics with Lego